Brisbane Massage Therapy

There are many that claim to provide the best massage in Brisbane and the team at Deva Thai Spa are no exception. Your complete satisfaction is our primary focus, while delivering to you a premium massage experience that will leave you feeling absolutely amazing.

Our massage treatments include

Signature Massage

Refresh and balance your body with our Signature Massage. Using our special Deva technique, you’ll be treated to a full body massage formulated to release muscle tension, emotional and physical stress.

90 mins – $129120 mins – $165

Man having deep tissue massage therapy

Our Massages

Traditional Thai

Our Thai Massage uses the traditional stretching and pressure point technique to increase muscle flexibility, improve blood circulation and encourage healing. It is our most popular massage so it’s recommended that you book in advance to secure your spot.

60 mins – $95 90 mins – $145
120 mins – $165 

Deep Tissue

Our deep tissue massage targets the lower layers of your muscle to assist with recovery from exercise, physical stress and chronic aches and pains. It’s a common massage that premier sports people use to recover from injury.

60 mins – $95 90 mins – $145
120 mins – $185

Relaxing Swedish

A deeply relaxing style using the classical Swedish technique to encourage blood flow and promote good health throughout your body.

60 mins – $85 90 mins – $120
120 mins – $165

Foot Reflexology

A detoxifying foot massage that stimulates your body’s internal organs and relieves tired and aching muscles in your legs and feet.

30 mins – $60 90 mins – $120

Upper Body

Perfect for muscle tension, aches and pains in your back, shoulders, neck and head. Your therapist will use the deep tissue or sports massage technique to stimulate blood flow and help calm your senses.

30 mins – $60 60 mins – $85


A careful technique for the expecting mother, that helps to reduce muscle tension due to adjustments in posture during pregnancy. Also provides a deep sensation of relaxation.

75 mins – $129 90 mins – $149

Aromatherapy Head Massage

30 mins – $60


Deva uses a combination of massage skills to focus on specific areas like muscle stiffness, knots, trigger points and muscle tension to improve health after injury, blood circulation and joint mobility.

60 mins – $99 90 mins – $149
120 mins – $189

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